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The entire journey of your life on the road. The beginning, your home, and finally hitting the road. I got you covered.

Hey Explorer, Welcome to the Life on the Road Series.

You finally decided to live on the road. You're planning either a 1 month, a 6 month, or hell, maybe even full-time?! Great! Now WHERE do you start? WHAT do you even begin to research?! WHAT does your finances looks like or the home you choose to live in? These are the questions I got hit with when I embarked on a 6-month National Park road trip across the US. I had NO CLUE where to even begin. I researched everything under the sun for tips on finding water, internet, packing guides, and free camping.

Well, here it is. ALL that information I researched and personally used for my trip, I now hand it off to you. It's YOUR TURN for a big adventure and these books are going to pave the the path to a life on the road.

Imagine this...

Life on the Road: The beginning

Welcome the First addition to the series!

So you've decided to life on the road eh? What time did you decide? 1 month, 6 months, full-time? Well, whatever time you decided on, it's time to start planning it. There are so many things to plan when it comes to living on the road. I created an in-depth e-book walking you through the steps that will build the solid foundation and set you up for success on your planning journey. Cut the fluff and plan smart, find your budget, your why, vehicle, home, and insurance.

Start with the foundations of living life on the road.

so much more!

Finding the perfect vehicle and camper

Budget and Finances

Questions to ask before planning

You already know to budget every month, find health insurance, a proper vehicle, and a proper mobile home.

You don't like road tripping or road life.

You don't want to live for extended amount of time on the road.

You already ARE living full-time on the road.

It's NOT for you if:

You want to know what kind of vehicle or camper you should look into.

You want to know how to budget every month realistically.

You want a step-by-step guide to start planning this new lifestyle change.

You are wanting to live full-time on the road for an extended period of time.

This e-book IS for you if:

Find the vehicle you will drive and the home you will rest your head on every night. There are SO many options on the market. I lay out a list for your research.

vehicle & mobile home

Budget your months accordingly. Know EXACTLY where your money will go and how much you need to sustain yourself every month.

budget & finances

Start planning a route for your life on the road. Stay on track with the places you don't want to miss. I also give you my personal map I used on my 6 month road trip across the western US.

Before you start planning anything for this trip, sit down and think about "the why". Follow the questions in the book to help you navigate exactly what you should be asking yourself.


What You'll Learn

Road Trip map

Though the books are written to be read in order, depending where you are on your journey, you can buy whichever you find yourself needing help on right now.

Let's break down each book shall we?

A Sneak Peek Into Each Book...


Learn what vehicle and camper to choose. There are TONS on the market, I give you a great starting point on where to start your research.  

Learn how to set up a monthly budget, realistically. This will ensure you are out there on the road longer and have your finances covered.

Start with asking the proper questions when planning a huge adventure. I lay out a series of questions you should ask yourself before diving deep into the planning process.

The first step into planning life on the road.

The Beginning

Part 1

+ much more!


Use this book in conjunction with THE PRINTABLES book to check off as you go and stay organized.

Organize each space accordingly with personal recommendations on what I used for my 6-month road trip. 

Go through each room of your new travel rig and start to gather the belongings you'll bring with you on the road.

Organize and Pack your Travel Home.

The Home

part 2


This book will be frequently updated as more resources come out on the market. 

Tips on finding water, internet, free camping, weather considerations, recreating responsibly.

You've finally made it! You are officially living on the road. This is the book you need as there are tons of tips ranging in wifi, bathroom, water, and more!

Tips & Resources for when you finally are out there.

Hit The Road

part 3


Printables: Follow along and stay organized with tons of printables you can check off while you go through each book. 

Resources: A 3-page list of resources from online websites to phone apps for camping, road life, and lifestyle. It's best to start a new folder in your phone for these.

Golden Rules: Get the tips I would constantly follow daily when I was living full-time on the road. 

Printables to stay track on everything!


printables & resources

I've been going on road trips or long drives ever since I was 8 years old. I used to sit in the backseat of our green Chevrolet while my dad drove to Mexico, Canada, and Florida. I love everything there is about an adventure on the road. You're not limited to anything and can travel to any destination you please. Forget about being stuffed in a crowded airplane or missing out experiencing a small local town on your way to a National Park. Instead, fill up your gas tank, turn up the music, and choose a new place where you'll sleep under the stars. This is my definition of freedom, one I KNOW you believe in too.

Hi I'm Jessy. —

the girl behind the e-books that help navigate your journey on the road.

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